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Esso quality fuels that travel with you

The journey is just as important as the destination  

New and improved Esso petrol and diesel have been engineered to provide an improved level of performance for your vehicle. Check out what you can expect with our new fuels.

At Esso, we have our own refinery, which allows us to control the quality of the fuel from our own refinery to meet the determined standard. Moreover, to ensure that Esso fuel meets the standard of quality control at every point from our fuel terminal to our service stations, we employ mobile labs to conduct fuel quality tests at the stations. So you can be rest assured that all Esso fuels meet the government's quality standard.

This new high-quality petrol formulation* is designed and invented for any type of vehicles, with gasoline or diesel engine


  • Supreme Plus Gasohol 95

    Supreme Plus Gasohol 95, premium graded fuel that gives a superior protection

    Its additive gives higher engine performance than the standard formula and offers all-in-one protection, leading to enhanced driving power.

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  • Supreme Gasohol E20

    Supreme Gasohol E20

    With performance-enhancing additive, it helps keep fuel injector clean, resulting in the better acceleration rate and energy efficiency. Rest assured that your engine is well protected throughout the journey.

  • Supreme Gasohol 95

    Supreme Gasohol 95 for high performance cars

    It comes with performance-enhancing additive, which keeps intake valves and fuel injectors clean, leading to the engine’s better acceleration rate, fuel economy and improve performance.

  • Supreme Gasohol 91

    Supreme Gasohol 91 for the gasoline cars

    With ethanol mixture, it is suitable for the engines powered by 91 octane gasoline because it helps keep engine clean and improve the engine responsiveness to help you enjoy every ride.


  • Supreme Plus Diesel

    Supreme Plus Diesel, premium graded diesel

    Its various key benefits can specifically take care of your diesel engine. Compared to the standard formulation, it enhances the engine performance by helping the fuel injectors clean-up and keep them clean, improve fuel economy and ensure more robust, give smooth engine performance, better power of engine and protect the metal surface from corrosion which helps your engine fighting fit every time you drive.

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  • Diesel

    Diesel for diesel cars

    With performance-enhancing additive, it helps keep engine and injector clean, which enhances the driving power, that helps respond to every acceleration rate, faster fuel with anti-foaming, and protect against engine corrosion, to make sure that you are ready for every trip.

*Fuel claim of Esso’s new formula may yield different results, when compared to our previous fuel formula and/or minimum criteria of fuel standard and specification indicated by the Department of Energy Business, depending on various factors, such as type and condition of engine, environment and driving style, and previous fuel used.