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Esso Synergy™ Supreme+
Protect…so you feel like the first day.  

Do you remember the first day you drove this car?

The day that the engine active at its full performance.

Today you can bring back that same feeling with our new premium fuel Esso Synergy™ Supreme+ that gives double protection and 30% better cleanliness to the engine.

  • A double engine protection

    A double engine protection

  • 30% cleaner engine

    30% cleaner engine

  • Improved acceleration rate and responsiveness

    Improved acceleration rate and responsiveness

  • Double protection when compared to Esso’s regular fuel.
  • Shield Technology is a new innovation with additives that helps cleaning and adding film coating on parts in combustion chamber in order to give more protection to the engine and improves acceleration rate. This technology is researched and developed by EMRE -ExxonMobil Research and Engineering.
  • The result comes from lab when comparing the fuel with Esso regular fuel.
  • Fuel economy result comes from lab when comparing the fuel with Esso previous regular diesel. The real practice result may be different based on vehicle types and conditions and driving behaviors.
*Fuel claim of Esso’s new formula may yield different results, when compared to our previous fuel formula and/or minimum criteria of fuel standard and specification indicated by the Department of Energy Business, depending on various factors, such as type and condition of engine, environment and driving style, and previous fuel used.