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Esso Promotions

Make the most of every Baht with promotions and programs from Esso.
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Fuel up Diesel, fuel at Esso.

Esso Smiles members fuel up any Diesel every 1,200 THB, free! 1 bottle of M-150, value 12 THB.

1 May 22 - 31 Jul 22.

Fuel up Esso Gasohol gets extra Smiles points

Fuel up any Gasohol, get extra Smiles points!

Esso Smiles members fuel up 800 baht of any Gasohol 6 times and get extra Smiles points valued 100 baht.

16 Jun 22 – 15 Aug 22.

Fuel up Esso Supreme+ gets Esso Smiles double points

Stop at Esso to get the power of protection.

Water promotion for premium fuel up at Esso station

Supreme+ gets free 2 bottles of drinking water

Get free 2 bottles of 1.5L water when fuel up Supreme+ for every 800 Baht.

24 May 22 – 31 Jul 22

  • Terms and conditions apply.

Water promotion for fuel up at Esso station

Refresh yourself with drinking water when you fuel up with Esso.

Get free 1 bottle of 1.5L water when fuel up every 800 Baht.
1 Jun 22 – 30 Jun 22.

  • Terms and conditions apply.

  • Promotion Credit Card Esso Fuel

    Lotus’s visa credit card

    Receive maximum 3% Cash Rebate for petrol filling at participating Esso service stations. No minimum purchase. Maximum Baht 1,000 per time. Maximum 6 times/principal account/billing cycle during 1 August 2019 – 31 May 2022.