Esso, Synergy, Supreme Plus, Fuel, Premium fuel.

The new formula of Esso quality fuel

“Synergy™ Fuel Technology” is the new Esso fuel that is researched and developed by EMRE - ExxonMobil Research and Engineering and refined at Esso Thailand’s oil refinery. This fuel has passed our quality control in every process in order to meet the world standard before delivering to customer.


  • Esso, Synergy, Supreme Plus, Gasohol95

    Synergy™ Supreme⁺ Gasohol 95

    Protect your beloved car with the premium fuel that comes with special additives that give superior clean, better fuel economy and better responsiveness, so your engine can run with full performance.

    • Remove deposits and soots
    • Stop corrosion
    • Balance fuel temperature
    • Remove fuel impurities
    • Engine runs smoothly

  • Esso, Synergy, Gasohol95

    Synergy™ Super Gasohol 95:
    More power, more performance.

    • Better cleanliness and responsiveness
    • Improved performance

  • Esso, Synergy, Gasohol91

    Synergy™ Extra Gasohol 91
    Clean engine, respond as you wish.

    • Better cleanliness and responsiveness
    • Removes harmful engine deposits
    • Improved fuel economy

  • Esso, Synergy, Gasohol, E20

    Synergy™ Extra Gasohol E20
    Smart choice for fuel economy.

    • Better cleanliness of engine and injector
    • Improved fuel economy


  • Esso, Synergy, Supreme Plus, Diesel

    Synergy™ Supreme⁺ Diesel

    A premium fuel that comes with additives which help the engine run with full performance even in a long continuing drive. No matter how long your journey is, this fuel will make your car engine tougher so it is always ready in every journey.

    • Less wear and tear
    • Clean fuel injector
    • Less corrosion
    • Protect injector from clogging
    • Bring back engine performance
    • Fuel burns more efficiently
    • Engine runs smoothly
    • Improved fuel economy

  • Esso, Synergy, Diesel

    Synergy™ Diesel
    Go further with better responsiveness.

    • Up to 3% better fuel economy
    • Better cleanliness of engine and injector, removes harmful engine deposits
    • Reduce bubble when fueling up, and reduce corrosion

  • Biodiesel, Diesel, B20, truck

    Diesel B20 Reduce pollution, Reduce cost, for your car.

    B20 is a blend of 80% diesel and 20% biodiesel made from crude palm.

    The decomposition of biodiesel is environmentally friendly and helps resolve air pollution. Also the retail price of Diesel B20 fuel is more economical than regular diesel so it helps your business reduce transportation costs as well.

    List of Esso service stations that sells Diesel B20

    List of vehicles certified for Diesel B20 use

  • Double protection when compared to Esso’s regular fuel.
  • Shield Technology is a new innovation with additives that helps cleaning and adding film coating on parts in combustion chamber in order to give more protection to the engine and improves acceleration rate. This technology is researched and developed by EMRE -ExxonMobil Research and Engineering.
  • The result comes from lab when comparing the fuel with Esso regular fuel.
  • Fuel economy result comes from lab when comparing the fuel with Esso previous regular diesel. The real practice result may be different based on vehicle types and conditions and driving behaviors.
*Fuel claim of Esso’s new formula may yield different results, when compared to our previous fuel formula and/or minimum criteria of fuel standard and specification indicated by the Department of Energy Business, depending on various factors, such as type and condition of engine, environment and driving style, and previous fuel used.